2020 Tournament Schedule

March Event Start
14 Saint Patricks Tournament 10am shotgun
28 Peggy Kirk Bell Round 1 10am Starting Times
29 Peggy Kirk Bell Round 2 10am Starting Times
30 Greens Aeration 9 holes closed
31 Greens Aeration 9 holes closed
4 Black and Blue 9am Shotgun
12 Masters Pro-am Make your own T-Time before 2pm
25 Habitat for Humanity 1pm Shotgun
2 FUMA Golf Tournament 8:30am Shotgun
3 Match Play Qualifying Begins Make your own t-Time
9 Match Play Qualifying Ends Make your own t-Time
14 Jefferson League host Farmington 9am Shotgun
16 Faulconer Invitational Round 1 8am Starting Times
17 Faulconer  Invitational Round 2 8am Starting Times
19 9-hole Ladies Invitational 9am Shutgun lunch at 11:30
21 Senior Travelers host Glenmore 9am Shotgun
23 Flag Tournament Make your own T-Time
24 Match Play Round 1 Complete  
28 Jefferson League host Lake of the Woods 10am Shotgun
5 Match Play Round 2 Complete  
6 Men's Member-Guest 8:30am Shotgun
7 Men's Member-Guest 8:30am Shotgun
18 Senior Travelers host Old Trail 9am Shotgun
20 Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue 8am shotgun
21 US Open Pro-am Make your own T-Time
21 Match Play Round 3 Complete  
28 Red-White & Blue Make your own T-Time
5 Match Play Finals Complete  
9 Senior Travelers host Waynesboro 9am Shotgun
15 Fairway Aeration Delayed opening until 11am
16 Senior Travelers host Birdwood 9am Shotgun
25 Member-Member Round 1 8:30am Starting times
26 Member-Member Round 2 8:30am Shotgun
6 Senior Travelers host Stoney Creek 9am Shotgun 
13 Jefferson League host Greene Hills 9am Shotgun 
15 Championship Weekend 9am Starting Times
16 Championship Weekend 9am Starting Times
22 Couples Championship 9:30am Starting Times
26 Dry-Ject Greens Delayed opening until 11am
29 Monticello Cup 9am Shotgun 
30 Monticello Cup 9am Shotgun 
10 Senior Travelers host Greene Hills 9am Shotgun
5 Greens Aeration 9-holes closed
6 Greens Aeration 9-holes closed
11 2-Person Member Scramble 9am Shotgun
22 Senior Travelers host Farmington 9am Shotgun